Hi ! My name is Yeşim . I am from Turkey and i am working as an EVS volunteer in the project which is called ‘’EL PATIO’’ for 9 months here in Aviles. My volunteering story started two months ago on the 9th of October and keeps going magnificently.

My responsibility in this project is working on everything about environment like recycling, reusing, reducing, upcycling, pollution, sustainability, flora and fauna, agriculture… very important topics. I am working with Vane, Marzia and Niki, who are great, I am very lucky!! Our main aim is to do something to help to change the world into a better and more livable place. For this reason, we have created an environmental group. Once a month, we come together and discuss about what activities we can propose. Untill now we have done many things. We went twice to the beach “Zeluán” and cleaned there from invasive plants and trash. We informed people about the “Edible-Garden” (Bosque-Comestible), where people go to plant flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc. and when things grow up, they can pick them up and eat them. We also gave some information about compost pile in the “Edible-Garden” and how to put the organic waste inside, how to take care of it and what not to put in it. We have organised trekking, meetings, etc.

Well, yes, we have done a lot of activities and we are going to do much more in 7 months for sure. We would love to organise some workshops about recycling, upcycling, reusing, how to reduce the pollution and contamination, have a sustainable life, protect animals, etc. Honestly I can say that I like my project very much. Because every new day I learn something good and useful, we do many useful things, so I feel useful.

It seems as if I was always working, but I am having fun as well! In my free time mostly I am going out with my friends to have a drink and talk. Luckily my adaptation period went very fast and I made friends easily. Apart from that, I love playing tennis and dancing, so I will start to train tennis and have a dance course very soon. I am also running in Parque Ferrera when it is not rainy. Well, I know this is quite imposible in Asturias, but I am trying at least! And I go to spanish classes every Tuesday and Thursday so next time I would love to write everything in spanish…

¡Hasta luego! 


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